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PAHELWANI is the culmination of several years of expert-led research.


Asian Health Heritage wishes to express its special thanks to the following individuals and institutions for their significant contributions to the exhibition and documentary:

  • Balbir Singh Kanwal

  • Nidar Singh Nihang

  • Graham Noble

  • Joseph R Svinth

  • Baljinder Singh Grewal

  • Ranjit Singh Sandhu

  • Sukhi Bains

  • Channa Chemists

  • Macrojuice

  • Dr Gurpreet Lehal

  • Dilgir Kaur

  • Navdeep Kandola

  • Verinder Singh

  • The Todd-McLean Physical Culture Collection

  • The British Library

  • Royal Asiatic Society

  • The Wellcome Trust

  • National Army Museum

  • Hulton Getty Picture Archive

  • Chandigarh Museum & Art Gallery

  • Cambridge University Library

  • Centre of South Asian Studies, University of Cambridge

  • Philadelphia Museum of Art

  • Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

  • International Punjab Heritage Museum

  • Narangwal Wrestling Academy

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