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Famous Schools - Kaloowala

The founder of the Kaloowala School was Kaloo Pahelwan, a pupil of Ustad Nur-ud-din. Kaloowala pahelwans gained a reputation for being very powerful but brutally rough in a bout, showing scant subtlety in the application of their techniques.


From this school came such notables as Mohammed Boota or Boota Pahelwan (1844-1904) of Lahore. He was never beaten and always fought flawlessly like the great Ustad Nur-ud-din. He won the title Rustum-i-Hind from giants like Ramzi. Though primarily associated with the state of Baroda, many states in Rajasthan respected his abilities and paid him an allowance every month. Maharaja Jaswant Singh of Baroda conferred a small 'jagir' (estate) on him for his services to the sport.


Akhara Khalifa Boota, one of the biggest in Lahore, was located in the Leela (now Ali) Park facing the western rampart of the Lahore Fort. It produced many famous pahelwans. Boota’s most famous pupil, the giant Sikh, Kikkar Singh (1857-1914), got his name by uprooting a matured acacia (‘kikkar’) tree. He held the great Ghulam to draws twice and defeated his brother, Kalloo, four times.

Mehanni Reniwala (died 1910) was another of Boota’s students and a real comer who pushed Kalloo, Rahim Baksh Sultaniwala, Hassan Baksh Multani and Kala Partapa to the limit.


Gamu Baliwala (1862-1944) was a renowned wrestler from Sialkot, as was his son, Feroz-ud-din. Afflicted with deafness after having contracted the plague as a child, Feroz-ud-din became known as Goonga Pahelwan (1899-1944) (literally “Dumb Wrestler”). He was a considerable pahelwan, being the only one to ever top Imam Baksh (though he was defeated by him three times).


Other greats who trained in this school were Boota Pahelwan’s brother, Chooha (‘mouse’) Pahelwan, and Channan Qasai.


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